Stacy Bradbury Stranzl
Stacy Stranzl is a level two practitioner of the Usui Reiki Method. She applies her intuition to best connect or strengthen the inner power of her Reiki Clients. Stacy works one on one with people in person and remotely, as well as, all living beings, including plants and animals, and with spaces occupied by living things, like homes and other structures. In her free time, she can be found practicing yoga, searching for the perfect spot of sunlight, perusing through museums or walking in nature, and daydreaming.
Reiki connects us to universal life energy by tapping into all aspects of our being, mind, body, energetic body and even our environment. Reiki is commonly translated as universal life energy. It is a non-invasive practice that when done in person involves light touch. When receiving Reiki you may feel heat from the practitioners hands or feel deeply relaxed, it’s not uncommon to fall asleep. Reiki is best understood through experience. Reiki supports and vitalizes us through all parts of our life.
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October 20, 2019 Modern Witches Confluence – San Francisco Fair Building 

Join Stacy at the Modern Witches Confluence for Individual reiki sessions, and reiki charged crystals. 

If you would like to book an in person or distance Reiki session with Stacy use the form below. Questions, concerns, or just want to say hello, you’re in the right place.